• Attenuation Range
    <0.2%-99% (S-), <0.2%-94% (P-) @ center wavelength
  • Extinction Ratio
    >1:450 after 1st polarizer
    >1:500 after 2nd polarizer
  • Damage Threshold
    >75 mJ/cm2, 100 fs @ center wavelength
  • Clear Aperture
    15 mm


Compact Industrial Housing

The housing ensures the internal optics are free from dust and other contaminants, and eliminates perturbations of the beam due to ambient air conditions; crucial considerations in ultrafast laser applications. A manual shutter and beam dump are included to control the S- and P-polarized output beams. The housing also contains threads for mounting on metric or English optical posts.

Close-up of exit port and beam dump

Manual or Motorized Versions

The VA series of variable attenuators offer either manual or motorized rotation of the waveplate, allowing for continuous variation of the intensity ratio of the two output beams while maintaining all other beam parameters.

Left to right: Manual and Motorized Variable Attenuators

Two Prealigned Thin Film Polarizers

Two thin film polarizers are pre-aligned in the housing and optimized for wavelength ranges of 350 - 360 nm, 522 - 542 nm, 780 - 820 nm, or 1034 - 1094 nm. The P-polarized output passes through the first thin film polarizer with negligible beam displacement, while the S-polarized output is reflected off both thin film polarizers and offset in parallel one inch.