Wide Variety of Optics for Working with Ultrafast Systems

Newport Corporation's Ultrafast Oscillator and Amplifier Kits contain the optics needed for typical use of Ultrafast systems such as the Mai Tai®, Tsunami®, and Spitfire® Pro. The main difference between the two kits is the set of mirrors each include, where Model UF-OSC-KIT comes with 10 protected silver mirrors, and Model (UF-AMP-KIT) features 10 broadband mirrors for minimizing pulse broadening. Both sets include ultrafast beam splitters, polarizers, wave plates, ND filters, 1 in. (25.4 mm) lenses with focal lengths from 50-500 mm, and an additional 2 in. (50.8 mm) lens with a 100 mm focal length. All optics are suitable for use in the 700-930 nm wavelength range.

High Performing Mirror Mounts

Constructed from pressed and sintered stainless steel, rigorous testing has shown the Suprema® to perform as well as more costly custom, wrought stainless steel mounts. Thermal drift has been greatly minimized. The ULTIMA® is a high stability aluminum mount whose thick front and back plates and high tension springs work to virtually eliminate drift and provide protection against vibrations. Both take advantage of Newport's patented clear quadrant feature which allows the mounts to be placed closer together, thereby reducing incident angles and reducing beam distortion while enhancing performance. Should it become necessary to automate your system in the future, the 100-TPI adjustment screws included in these mounts can be easily replaced by our TRA12 or CONEX-NSA12 motorized actuators.

Minimum Pulse Dispersion Optics

Our 10B20UF.25 dielectric mirror provides high reflectivity with minimum effect on pulse dispersion and is ideal for use with an amplifier as a beamsteering mirror at 45° AOI. They have been tested to withstand up to 1 TW/cm2 with 100 fsec pulses at 5 Hz at 800 nm. The thin skin depth of our 10D20ER.2 protected silver mirror also aids in minimizing pulse broadening effects and is a more economic choice when used with an oscillator. Our plate beamsplitter and beam sampler are only 3 mm thick and maintain λ/10 wave flatness to aid in minimizing both pulse dispersion and wavefront distortion.

Cleaning and Handling supplies Included

The additional cleaning accessories included in both kits make them truly fundamental additions to ultrafast systems. These supplies include latex gloves, cleaning tissue, solvent, finger cots, and even hemostats and tweezers for the most careful care of optics and laser components.

Neatly Store the Set in Included 9-Drawer Cabinet

The large, 9-drawer cabinet and labels accompanying this set offer any optics lab an organized stock of optomechanical components for a variety of needs.