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Dielectric Beamsplitter, 50.8 mm, Terahertz Refl., 450-800 nm Trans.
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  • Diameter
    50.8 mm
  • Reflectance Band
    1-120 Thz
  • Material
    Grade A N-BK7
  • Transmittance Band
    450-800 nm
  • Angle of Incidence
    45 °
  • Damage Threshold
    700 W/cm2 CW, 20 mJ/cm2 @ 10 ns pulses
  • Surface Quality
    40-20 scratch-dig
  • Thickness
    6.0 mm


Reflecting Terahertz Wavelengths

ITO or Indium Tin Oxide is used to coat the front surface. This ITO material is very effective in reflecting terahertz wavelengths.

Transmitting Visible Wavelengths

The beamsplitter is made of high-quality N-BK7 glass with good index homogeneity and low bubble inclusion. The backside is coated with a broadband antireflection coating optimized for transmitting visible wavelengths.