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temperature controlled c-mount package laser mount model LDM-4409
Laser Diode Mount, C-Mount, High Power, Temp Controlled
5 Weeks
5 Weeks


  • Package Type
  • Maximum Current
    10 A
  • TE Cooler
    7.4 A, 16.4 V maximum
  • Temperature Range
    10 to 85 °C
  • Temperature Sensor
    10 kΩ NTC Thermistor
  • Laser Driver Connector Type
    Hybrid DSUB 7W2 Female
  • TEC Controller Connector Type
    Hybrid DSUB 7W2 Male
  • Connector Type
    Banana Jacks (Fan Power and Ground)
  • Heat Dissipation Capability
    25 W
  • Dimensions
    152 x 102 x 78.7 mm
  • Weight
    1.27 kg


Compatible With ILX High Power Laser Diode Instrumentation

These mounts are compatible with ILX Lightwave current sources and temperature controllers with standard high power laser and temperature controller connectors for quick setup.

Active Temperature Control

For fast, accurate characterization of your C-mount devices, the LDM-4409 comes with an integrated 120W TEC and cooling fan. The high power TEC has the thermal performance to dissipate the head load associated with high power C-mount laser diodes.

Quick Device Insertion and Removal

The LDM-4409 incorporates a unique clamping mechanism for quick and effortless device insertion and removal without the need for any additional tools. The spring loaded device locates and clamps the C-mount device repeatably to cut down adjustment time of measurement devices and optics.

Repeatable, Low Thermal Resistance

Careful attention to the LDM-4409’s mechanical design results in a low thermal resistance between the C-mount device and the mounting block. A spring loaded clamping mechanism provides repeatable, constant clamping pressure on the C-mount device. Further reduction in thermal resistance can be achieved by clamping the device with a #2-56 screw through the center of the device. Low thermal resistance eliminates measurement inconsistencies due to temperature differences between the mount and the device under test.

Unobstructed Access to the Front

The LDM-4409 design facilitates integration into optical test and measurement systems through a 1mm clearance zone from the front of the laser. Measurement devices such as integrating spheres as well as optics can be located in close proximity to the front of the laser.

Ideal For Pre & Post Burn-in Characterization

The LDM-4409 has been optimized for pre and post burn-in characterization in R&D or manufacturing test applications. A unique spring loaded clamping mechanism facilitates device insertion and removal. A 1mm clearance zone in front of the C-mount device allows for measurement of highly divergent beams and easy integration into most measurement set-ups.