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Active Damper Kit, SmartTable® ADD Bolt-on, Vertical Vibration, 5 meter Cable



A Continuation of the SmartTable® Revolution

The stand-alone design of the SmartTable ADD dampers are revolutionary as they open up new opportunities to actively damp existing tables or complex structures. Simply attach to optical table or structure and perform auto-tune on the ST-300 controller, those dampers will start damping vibrations immediately.

Easy Set-up with One-Button Auto Tuning

SmartTable active damping products are easy to set up and operate. Simply connect the IQ dampers with controller, and press "Auto-Tune" button on the controller, the system will automatically find the resonances of the table and set gain parameters. Once the tuning is finished, the dampers will start working to damp vibrations on your tabletop real time. This feature also enables users to improve their table performance under different payload or payload distributions - press "Auto-Tune" when you have a major change in your set up to achieve the maximized damping performance.

IQ Active Damping Technology

The core of the SmartTable is an advanced damping technology called Intelligent Q (IQ) Damping. It effectively addresses the medium frequency resonances of optical tables by incorporating two pairs of sensor and actuator in the optical table design and use an external controller to coordinate the signal processing, enabling the fast and accurate damping response for optical tables. Each sensor-actuator pair is controlled by a separate control channel. The sensor senses the vibrations and the actuator outputs signal to compensate for the vibrations. The pre-amplifiers and band-pass filters condition the sensor output signal before feeding it to the digital controller. The digital controller implements recursive filters that compensate for the dynamic response of the shaker and correct the phase to bring the phase difference between the displacement and force close to (-π/2) in the desired frequency range.

ST-300 SmartTable Controller

The SmartTable controller serves as the signal processing hub and feedback the processed signal to the active dampers integrated with the optical table. The all-new ST-300 controller features more reliable and powerful data processing capabilities and better damping assistance, providing the strongest support for the IQ damping technology.

  • Better damping performance than the previous generation
  • Added 3rd channel providing horizontal damping for large doublers
  • Higher processing power and quicker reaction to vibrations
  • Damping indicator bars on front panel - easy visualization of vibration environment

Various Damping Configurations for Horizontal and Vertical Structures

SmartTable ADD dampers come with vertical and horizontal versions to damp out vibrations in those directions. Thanks to the 3 channel capability of the ST-300 controller, one could mix and match IQ-H and IQ-V bolt-on active dampers to damp out vibrations in complex structures including those shown in the picture. It has never been easier to damp out the vibrations on vertical or secondary level horizontal shelve or structure in your experiments. Contact Newport for a three-dampers kit.