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Motorized XY Fiber Positioner, 8-32 Tapped Hole
In Stock
In Stock
Motorized XY Fiber Positioner, M4 Tapped Hole


  • Axes of Travel
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    30 nm
  • Connector Type
    6 pin
  • Operating Temperature
    10-40 C
  • Thread Type


Flexure Design for Smooth and Reliable XY Positioning

The 8051 motorized XY fiber launcher’s unique flexure design doesn't rely on bearings to provide smooth, stictionless motion when coupling light from free-space into multimode fibers. The positioner can be mounted to an optical post or pedestal riser, as well as a flat surface using a threaded 8-32 hole (or M4 for metric versions). A nylon-tipped setscrew secures the fiber chuck for alignment. The Model 9092 coupler body is compatible with this positioner for coupling to microscope objectives.