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Fiber Mode Scrambler, Knob Control, Graduated Scale
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Precision Mode Scrambling

Its precision mechanism gently presses the fiber between specially designed corrugated surfaces to cause micro bending of the fiber. This dramatically increases mode coupling among guided modes (known as mode scrambling) and coupling of high-order guided modes to radiation modes (mode filtering). The distribution of power among the modes is then independent of the launch conditions of the light, simulating the distribution achieved after the light has traveled through several kilometers of fiber.

In a mode scrambler, bends tend to couple out higher-order and radiation modes and to distribute the light into a distribution of modes that will remain stable over long distances

Easy Install and Knob Control

The fiber is placed in an easily accessible slot. A knob controls the pressure applied to the fiber until the desired output distribution is achieved. Tests have shown that losses introduced are negligible regardless of launch condition.

Graduated Scale Included

A graduated scale assures that the fiber may be removed and replaced while the pressure is reset with high repeatability.