Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Optic Diameter Number of Actuators Adjustments Optic Loading Actuator Locks Availability Price
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12.7 mm 2 θx, θy Front No
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12.7 mm 2 θx, θy Front Yes
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12.7 mm 2 θx, θy Rear No
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In Stock
12.7 mm 2 θx, θy Rear Yes
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12.7 mm 3 z, θx, θy Front No
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12.7 mm 3 z, θx, θy Front Yes
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25.4 mm 2 θx, θy Front No
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25.4 mm 2 θx, θy Front Yes
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  • Mechanism
  • Actuator Drive
    Hex Key
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    100 TPI
  • Angular Range
  • Material
    Coated Aluminum
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Affordable Mounts for Every Application

M Series mounts are the industry's lowest cost mount. They hold the most frequently used optic sizes and are available in a host of configurations including Full Aperture, Hex-Driven, Clear Edge, CenterPoint™, Side-Clamp, Platform, and V-Groove versions.

Adhesive Bonding

Our extensive laboratory testing has shown that epoxying the optic in place provides optimal performance and stability for industrial application.  All M05 mirror mounts are designed with epoxy wells in the aperture to facilitate permanently bonding the mirror to the mount. 

Alignment Pin Holes

These M05 mounts feature alignment pin holes (shown in red) on the bottom (base) of the mount to enable keying of the position and orientation by means of dowel pins when directly mounting. (Note: Dowel pins not included with mount.) This is especially helpful in OEM applications.

Locking Hex Adjustment Screws

Hex-Driven Industrial Mirror Mounts feature Allen-key adjustments to save space and prevent unintended adjustment. For long-term stability, adjuster lock is included in select models. The lever lock, used for the M05-RL, M05-XL, and M05L models, exerts a tangential force on the adjustment screw to prevent rotation. The M1-HL model features a jam nut lock which exerts an axial force on the adjustment screw and can be tightened by hand.

Left: Lever lock. Right: Jam nut lock

Front- and Rear-Loading Options

The M series mounts are offered in both front- and rear-loading versions. Installing a mirror from the front is more convenient, which can be useful when replacing mirrors without having to disrupt an optical system setup or remove its components. Rear-loading a mirror guarantees that the reflective surface will be flat on the face of the mount irrespective of the mirror's thickness.

Superior Adjustability

All M-series mirror mounts have an angular range of ±4° with the equipped 100-TPI adjustment screws that provide a 25% improvement in adjustment sensitivity over competing mounts having 80-TPI adjusters. Better adjustability means faster, easier alignment.

Collection of OEM Mirror Mounts

The newest and best performing OEM mirror mounts come from Newport. We've focused on incorporating key features for industrial applications into each mount including alignment pin slots, adhesive wells and actuator locks.  Click the video link here to see the industry's most cost-effective, compact, and stable mirror mounts.