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Beam Steering Accessory, Bottom
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Beam Steering Accessory, Top, Precision AJS Screws
Beam Steering Accessory, Top, SM Micrometers
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Compatible With Large Mirrors

These periscope beam steering mounts offer precise adjustment to the height and direction of laser beams up to 1.50 in. diameter. They are compatible with 1.84 X 2.60 in. elliptical mirrors and large 1.5 in. diameter mirrors to provide a wider adjustment range than standard or general-purpose periscope assemblies. The mirrors are bonded to the mount using double sided tape.

Course/Fine Azimuthal Adjustment for Beam Steering

These mounts have both coarse and fine azimuth adjustments for precise beam steering. The lower mirror is pivoted easily by hand with an integrated knurled knob, while the upper mount has both a knurled knob for coarse azimuth positioning over 360° and high-resolution adjustment screws or micrometers for precise beam pointing in azimuth and elevation.

Precise Manual Height Adjustment

Used with our patented Model 75 Damped Rod, the 670-RCT is fully adjustable in height with a hand turned knob that smoothly moves the mount horizontally. The rigid and sophisticated construction provides excellent stability with 100% faster vibration decay for critical applications.