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Photonic Crystal Fiber, Air Guided, 10 µm Core, 1060 nm Operating
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Photonic Crystal Fiber, Air Guided, 11 µm Core, 1550 nm Operating
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Air-Guided Hollow Core Fibers

One very exciting feature of the PCF technology is the possibility of realizing fibers that guide light in a hollow (air) core, using the Photonic Bandgap (PBG) effect. The highly periodic structure of air holes in the cladding of the fiber creates a photonic bandgap. This means that light of frequencies within the PBG is not allowed to propagate out through the cladding and may be trapped in the core of the fiber. In contrast to index-guiding fibers, there is no requirement on the refractive index of the core region to be larger than the index of the cladding.

Guide Light Over a Limited Spectrum

An inherent feature of PBG-Guiding is that the fiber only guides light in a limited spectral region. For fibers guiding around 1550nm, a typical bandwidth is ~200nm. Outside this region, the fiber core is anti-guiding. A typical transmission spectrum is shown.

Typical transmission spectrum for an airguiding fiber

Photonic Crystal Fiber

Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) can provide characteristics that ordinary optical fiber do not exhibit, such as: single mode operation from the UV to IR with large mode-field diameters, highly nonlinear performance for super continuum generation, numerical aperture (NA) values ranging from very low to about 0.9, optimized dispersion properties, and air core guidance, among others.