• Package Type
    TO-3, HHL, or Custom
  • Maximum Current
    7 A
  • TE Cooler
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Laser Driver Connector Type
    DB9 Male Pigtail
  • TEC Controller Connector Type
    DB15 Female Pigtail
  • Heat Dissipation Capability
    50 W
  • Dimensions
    152 x 102 x 119 mm
  • Weight
    1.8 kg


Interchangeable Laser Mounting Plates

The LDM-4442 consists of an extruded heat sink, detachable base and water-cooled riser. Interchangeable mounting plates, each designed to accept a high-power laser package, are offered for versatile operation. A small circuit board, containing the appropriate electrical socket, is attached to the reverse side of each laser mounting plate, allowing for quick attachment of the laser diode.

Interface With any ILX Source or Controller

Each mounting plate kit comes with the cables needed to interface to any ILX Lightwave current source or temperature controller. The cables are fixed on one end with standard D-subminiature connectors. The other ends are prepared for easy termination into the provided female connector. This allows easy interface with the male connector affixed to the laser mounting plate circuit board.

Conveniently Mounts to Standard Optical Tables

The LDM-4442 can be attached directly to a standard (1/4 - 20 on 1” centers) optical table and conveniently aligns the laser diode at a 4” optical line height. The laser package is electrically isolated from the table to prevent damaging the laser diode.