• Type
    Active Isolation Optical Workstation
  • Broadband Damping
    Integrated Patented Modal Damping including constrained layer core, damped working surface and composite edge finish
  • Modal Damping
  • Platform
    4.3 in. Thick Precision Grade Optical Breadboard
  • Working Surface
    400 series ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • Surface Flatness
    ±0.004 in. (0.1 mm) over 2 ft. (600 mm) square
  • Mounting Hole Type
    Cut (not rolled) threads with countersink
  • Mounting Hole Pattern
    1 in. (25 mm) grid
  • Mounting Hole Borders
    0.5 in. (12.5 mm)
  • Hole Sealing Type
    Easy clean conical cup, 0.75 in. (19 mm) deep, non-corrosive high impact polymer material
  • Core Design
    Trussed honeycomb, vertically bonded closed cell construction, 0.010 in. (0.25 mm) steel sheet materials, 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) triple core interface
  • Top and Bottom Skins
    3/16 in. thick with integrated damping layer


Guardian® Active Isolation Workstation Overview

Learn about the features, performance, and compatible accessories of our innovative Guardian® Active Isolation Workstation.

  • Vibration compensation with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Patented modal damped optical breadboard top
  • Fully welded frame for superior rigidity
  • Active isolation demonstrations

Active Isolation Technology Enables Super Low Frequency Isolation

The Guardian workstation includes two active isolation modules each containing three sensors and three actuators to actively sense and compensate for vibration in six degrees of freedom in real-time. It not only removes the resonance response inherent to the passive system, but provides up to 34 dB (50 times) additional isolation.  Isolation starts at 0.5 Hz and reaches 20 dB (10 times) at 1.5 Hz. It vastly outperforms not only the passive spring-based systems, but also the best pneumatic workstations.

Guardian Typical Settling Time

Guardian can reduce the platform’s reaction to the disturbances acting directly on the platform, whereas passive and a few active systems can reduce only the vibration coming from the floor through the isolators. This is illustrated by the test results in the graph. The graphs represent the time histories of acceleration caused by a short (about 0.01 s) triangular pulse with maximum force about 1.5 lbs. created by an instrumented hammer near the corner of the breadboard (6 in. from edges) and measured by the accelerometer placed nearby. The settling time after this disturbance is negligible with active controls, while it can be of the order of seconds with passive isolation acting alone.

Powerful Control Capability

The Guardian Controller features multiple essential functions on the front panel, as well as real time control display for six axes. A full set of control functions is available using software suite provided with the product to achieve even more precise vibration control or 24/7 vibration data monitoring and recording. The sub-hertz, ultra-low noise electronics, and advanced DSP control system inside the controller provide the most accurate vibration compensation for sensitive applications.

Robust Passive Isolation with Easy Leveling Mechanism

One special feature about Guardian technology is that it combines the powerful active modules with Newport's patented VIBe™ passive mechanical isolator design to achieve the best performance across a wide frequency range. The improved constant natural frequency VIBe isolators start passive isolation from 8 Hz and provide a solid and quiet foundation for the active modules to further reduce the vibration amplitudes below 50 Hz. The carefully designed leveling mechanism in the modules allows users to easily level their system prior to use.

Superior Rigidity with Integrated Frame

The Guardian™ workstation delivers superior rigidity with its all-in-one design. Carefully designed to provide the maximum mechanical stability, the fully welded frame system firmly supports the active modules as well as the tabletop. It also provides ergonomic workstation environment for the users to perform their applications.

Maximized Precision with Modal Damped Tabletop

In addition to active and passive vibration isolation, a well damped working surface reduces resonances from top down, which helps tremendously for any high precision applications. Guardian workstation embraces modal damping, another world innovation for the most critical applications. Precision Grade modal damped optical breadboard serves as tabletop for Guardian™ workstation, bringing damping performance to the next level. The patented modal dampers are installed along the entire perimeter of the tabletop, providing effective and broadband damping for your delicate instruments.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Guardian workstation features specially designed packaging that allows users to simply roll their system off into the lab. Every component including tabletop is pre-installed on the frame.

Versatile Frame Allows Easy Accessory Mounting

Optional overhead shelf, bottom shelfhip guard and computer mounting accessories can be added to Guardian workstations using various mounting locations on the frame.