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Fast Steering Mirror, Replacement, 1 in., UVFS, AL.2 Coated, 250-600 nm
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Fast Steering Mirror, Replacement, 1 in., ER.2 Silver, 480-1100 nm
In Stock
In Stock


  • Angular Range
    ±30-100 mrad
  • Surface Quality
    60-40 scratch-dig
  • Surface Flatness
  • Wobble, Guaranteed
    ≤0.5 µrad
  • Power Requirements
    ±15 VDC, ±1.5 A
  • Operating Temperature Range
    0 - 40 °C
  • Storage Temperature Range
    -20 - 55 °C


FSM vs. Galvanometers

Fast Steering Mirrors offer a more compact package with a unique flexure suspension design used to constrain the motion of the mirror, eliminating bearings with their associated stiction and wear common to XY galvanometers. FSMs eliminate the need to compensate for beam displacement and polarization rotation due to a second reflection. With higher optical performance than galvo scanners, FSMs have larger apertures, lower wavefront distortion, and a broader choice of mirror substrates and coatings. The rotational axes of an FSM intersect at a single pivot point, unlike dual XY galvos, eliminating the displacement jitter and the Pincushion Distortion.

Fast and Accurate Mirror Control

Four voice coil actuators provide fast, high-bandwidth rotation. Utilized in push-pull pairs, the actuators provide smooth, even torque to the mirror. An internal optical-based feedback loop is built into the FSM-300 head to provide position feedback with reference to the support frame for accurate and stable pointing and tracking. When used in combination with Newport’s OBP Series Laser Beam Position Sensing Detector, an FSM can quickly lock to the detector for rapid laser beam control and stabilization.