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Fast Steering Mirror Assembly,1 in., UVFS, 250-600 nm
Fast Steering Mirror Assembly, 1in., ER.2 Silver 480-20000 nm
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  • Angular Range
    ±30-100 mrad
  • Surface Quality
    60-40 scratch-dig
  • Surface Flatness
  • Wobble, Guaranteed
    ≤0.5 µrad
  • Power Requirements
    ±15 VDC, ±1.5 A
  • Operating Temperature Range
    0 - 40 °C
  • Storage Temperature Range
    -20 - 55 °C


Field Replacement of Fast Steering Mirror

The FSM-300 system is designed so that the user can easily replace the mirror assembly in the field. Two types of FSM mirrors bonded to a metal carrier are available from Newport as subassemblies for such a purpose. 0.050-in. hex wrenches are required for mirror removal and reinstallation, and use of Loctite 222 thread locker on mounting screws is recommended.

Enhanced Aluminum Coating

The mirror of FSM-300-M-01 is coated with UV enhanced aluminum. Newport's AL.2 coating is a durable, broadband UV reflector with average reflectivity > 90% from 250-600 nm. The aluminum film is overcoated with UV transparent magnesium fluoride to prevent oxidation of the metal.

Protected Silver Coating

The mirror of FSM-300-M-03 is coated with protected silver. Newport's ER.2 coating is composed of a low emissivity silver film, fully encapsulated by a multilayer dielectric stack to prevent oxidation. This coating has excellent broadband reflectivity in the IR, while maintaining very good performance in the visible and near IR. Average reflectivity is > 96% from 480 – 1100 nm and > 98.5% from 1.1 – 20 µm. This silver mirror is a favorite for Ultrafast scientists who want an inexpensive option.