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Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 36 x 36 x 2.3 in. SG Breadboard, Rigid
Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 36 x 48 x 2.3 in. SG Breadboard, Rigid
Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 36 x 60 x 2.3 in. SG Breadboard, Rigid
Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 900 x 900 x 59 mm SG Breadboard, Rigid
Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 900 x 1200 x 59 mm SG Breadboard, Rigid
Ergonomic Vision Isostation, 900 x 1500 x 59 mm SG Breadboard, Rigid


  • Type
    Vision Isostation Seated Optical Workstation
  • Platform
    Scientific Grade Optical Breadboard
  • Modal Damping
  • Broadband Damping
    Constrained layer core, damped working surface, and composite edge finish
  • Thickness
    2.3 in. (59 mm)
  • Working Surface
    3.4 mm thick ferromagnetic 430 stainless steel
  • Surface Flatness
    ±0.006 in. (0.1.5 mm) over 2 ft. (600 mm) square
  • Core Design
    Trussed hexagonal honeycomb, vertically bonded closed cell construction, 0.010 in. (0.25 mm) steel sheet materials, 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) triple core interface
  • Bottom Skin Material
    3.4 mm thick carbon steel
  • Mounting Holes
    M6 (M- Versions)
  • Mounting Hole Pattern
    1.0 in. grid
    25 mm grid (M- Versions)
  • Mounting Hole Borders
    0.5 in.
    12.5 mm (M- Versions)
  • Mounting Hole Type
    Cut (not rolled) threads with countersink
  • Hole Sealing Type
    Easy clean conical cup, 0.75 in. (19 mm) deep, non-corrosive high impact polymer material
  • Workstation Supports
    Rigid Support Legs


Vision IsoStation™ Optical Workstation Overview

Vision IsoStation™ Optical Workstations provide industry leading performance and more user friendly features and accessories than any other vibration isolation workstation. All of the features and accessories have been designed specifically to improve ease of installation, set-up and lab space utilization. 

SG Optical Breadboard Broadband Damping Performance

The 4.8 mm thick working surface on SG optical breadboards is bonded to a polymeric material that serves to seal the honeycomb core and damp the working surface. The trussed honeycomb is vertically bonded enabling a rigid triple core interface. Although the adhesive is rigid, its broadband damping factor is much higher than that of steel and introduces substantial damping into the core. The side panels are made of a highly damped, epoxy sealed wood composite. Compared to the metal sides used by other breadboard manufacturers, the composite wood sides offer significant damping to the structure and eliminate another source of resonance. The damping performance is evaluated and represented by a compliance curve. For better damping performance, check out our precision grade optical breadboards with patented modal damping.

Designed Workstations for Seated Users with Innovate Platform Interface

With an open-front design and included hip guard and arm rests, the Vision IsoStation Ergo has been designed for seated users. The Ergo provides extra legroom for seated people while maintaining sturdy support allowing more comfortable examinations, operations, and experiments. They feature a unique platform interface consisting of 4 corner constraints that act as a docking surface, an accessory mount and a restraint to keep the breadboard atop the frame. The interface also features float height indicators and frame bubble levels to make set-up and installation easier than ever.

Shipped Fully Assembled for Easy Installation

Another unique feature of Vision IsoStation is that we have designed a new shipping package that not only reduces packaging materials but also allows users to simply roll their system off into their lab, it’s as plug-and-play as can be! Since the breadboard is shipped pre-installed on the frame customers no longer need to lift the heavy breadboard during installation.

Field Upgradability from Rigid Frame to Isolated Frame

Vision IsoStation was designed with the maximum user flexibility in mind. When you purchase a rigid frame version of the workstation and later decide to upgrade to isolated frame, simply contact Newport and order an upgrade kit that allows you to upgrade your system in the field easily.

Vision IsoStation Optical Workstation Available Accessories

Vision IsoStation accessories are designed specifically for modern scientific and biological investigations. Visit Vision IsoStation Accessories to learn more about the ergonomic accessories offered to complete your system.