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Electronic Shutter, 6 mm Aperture, 150 Hz Exposure Frequency
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In Stock
Electronic Shutter, 14 mm Aperture, 40 Hz Exposure Frequency
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Electronic Shutter, 25 mm Aperture, 40 Hz Exposure Frequency
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150 Hz Exposure Frequency

The model 76992 is our fastest shutter. It is especially suited to laser or focal plane use and applications including beam modulation at frequencies up to 150 Hz. The shortest pulse using the 76992 is shown with the aperture uniformly illuminated so the pulse rise and fall times include the large contribution from the outer zones.

Universal Shutter Driver

The shutter driver 76995 operates the three models of shutters. TTL pulses from a Computer (RS 232 interface), from the OPS series power supply, or other source is required. The 76995 enables the shutters to function as normally open or normally closed, and has three modes of operation.


All Shutters can be triggered manually with the open/close switch on the driver, with an externally applied TTL gate signal or open/close signal, or via the RS232 interface. The trigger type is determined by the speed and accuracy required of the shutter system. TTL signals provide the most precise control since the shutter drive mimics the input pulse. To synchronize the shutter to other computer driven equipment, without concern for precise timing of the shutter transitions, the RS-232 interface is convenient. If the shutter is to remain open and closed for long periods of time and there is no need to drive the shutter from an external event, use the manual open/close switch.

Using the 76992 6 mm Shutter to chop a 1 mm diameter laser beam. TTL pulses from a pulse generator with variable mark-space ratio allow independent control of pulse width and duration, within the specifications of the shutter.

Shutter Mounting

The shutters have 1.5 Inch Series flanges and a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the bottom for rod mounting. An optical rod is not included.

76995 Shutter Controller with 76994 400 Hz, 25 mm Aperture Shutter. Other shutters are also available.

Standard Mode

Exposure times are determined by an external pulse source or switch contact closure.

Line Interrupt Mode

When power is lost, the unit is powered down; when power is restored, the unit must be reset to resume operation.

DC Interrupt Mode

When a break is detected in the external switch contact, the unit is powered down; when power is restored, the unit must be reset to resume operation.

Synchronizing Signal

All shutters include a fast synchronizing sensor activated by a vane attached to the shutter blade. The sensor sends out a TTL signal when the shutter is greater than 90% open. The signal is available at a BNC connector at the rear of the controller.

Digital Timer

For repeatable, timed exposures, we offer 68950 Digital Timer. Please note, the 76995 shutter driver is still required, to power the shutter. The OPS series power supplies may also be used for exposure times of 10 ms minimum.