Broad transmittance range over UV to NIR wavelengths

The 75955 features a broad wavelength range, transmitting light from 260 to 2500 nm.

Simple coupling to Oriel Imaging Spectrographs

The 75955 is designed for convenient coupling and interface with Oriel Imaging Spectrograph models MS257TM and MS260iTM. The common end has two sets of vertically aligned, 200 µm fibers oriented like the input slit of a spectrograph for efficient coupling. For applications in which light throughput is important, it is recommended to use the 77529 F/# Matcher to convert the F/# of the fused silica fibers (F/2) to  the acceptance cone angle (F/4) of the Oriel spectrographs. If the Dual-Track Fiber Bundle is mounted directly to an Imaging Spectrograph, the 77502 Monochromator Fiber Adapter mounts and properly aligns the output of the 11 mm ferrule to an Imaging Spectrograph.