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Flexible Positioning of Optical Post Assemblies

Pedestal Base Clamping Forks allow to secure 0.5 in. pedestal base post holders and 1 in. optical pedestals anywhere on an optical table or breadboard. The slotted design allows the positioning of mounting screws over a range of distances and orientations relative to any single mounting hole. All of these clamping forks are made from solid stainless steel for the most stable hold of optical post assemblies.

Three Slot Lengths and Captive Screw Versions

Pedestal Base Clamping Forks are offered in three slot lengths for maximized positioning flexibility in an optical system. Versions with encapsulated 1/4-20 or M6 captive screws are also available to avoid the need for locating a screw separately. The screw is held in the slot by a retainer so that it can't fall out.

Cost-Saving 10 Packs

Ideal when starting a new lab, all Pedestal Base Clamping Forks are also sold in cost-saving packs of 10. Click here to check out all the cost-saving packs.