Convenient Mounting of Quantum Cascade Lasers

The LDM-4872 is designed to support various QCL manufacturers’ devices including C-Mount (C-Block), Alpes COC, and customer proprietary QCL packages. Careful attention to the design of the optional XYZ stage with MID-IR lens and optional MID-IR window allow the 4872 to be operated in either a vacuum or nitrogen environment. Contact Newport Sales for more information concerning mounting of your QCL package to the 4872.

Repeatable Low Thermal Resistance

Careful attention to the LDM-4872’s mechanical design results in a low thermal resistance between the quantum cascade laser and the mounting plate. Torqueing the device to the recommended value provides constant and repeatable clamping pressure on the package. Low thermal resistance eliminates temperature measurement inconsistency which ensures the QCL is being operated at a safe temperature.

Easy Connections for Quick Set-Up

The LDM-4872 is compatible with most ILX current sources including the LDX-3232 High Compliance Laser Diode Driver. Additionally, the LDX-4872 is compatible with ILX temperature controllers. All connections including electrical, water, and vacuum/nitrogen purge are conveniently located on the back of the LDM-4872. Standard interconnect cables interface with connectors for laser current and case control on the mount.

Active Temperature Control

The LDM-4872 comes with an integrated 120 W TEC and water-cooled cold plate. The high power TEC has the thermal performance to dissipate the waste heat from inefficient quantum cascade lasers over a wide temperature range of -30 to 30 °C with thermal loads up to 10W.

Optical Table Mounting

Optical table mounting is made possible through standard 1” spaced mounting holes on the base of the mount. Additionally, the LDM-4872 is designed for integration into optical test systems with unobstructed access to the front of the quantum cascade laser mount.