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Tunable Laser Module, OEM, 835-1630 nm


Tuning Speeds Up to 20,000 nm/s

In order to enable real-time measurement capabilities, the TLM-8700 OEM laser module offers up to 20,000 nm/s tuning with excellent linearity.

The TLM-8700 laser modules use a new technology to achieve 2- to >2,000-nm/s tuning speeds. U.S. Patents #5,319,668 and #6,608,847 and patents pending

Ultra wide 110 nm Mode-Hop-Free Tuning

The TLM-8700 guarantees single-mode, mode-hop-free tuning across the entire specified wavelength range. You can feel confident sweeping the laser with absolutely no mode-hops.

OEM-Proven Reliability

These modules carry our reputation as the leading supplier of OEM test-and-measurement tunable lasers. They have proven to be robust and reliable systems with more than 100 million cycles tested and 24/7 operation.

Low Noise Version for High Dynamic Range Test and Measurement

For measurements requiring high dynamic range, such as the characterization of fiber-Bragg gratings, we offer low-noise versions of these modules. They offer greater than 70-dB ASE suppression and an integrated dynamic range of greater than 55 dB.


  • Fiber-Bragg sensing
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Telecom test and measurement
  • Metrology