Free Driver Software Available

So you can get your system up and running quickly, we offer some simple National Instruments™ LabVIEW™ driver VIs for download on our website. These simple VIs were designed to work immediately with the Model 1200 cable solution, a NI DAQ card, and most laboratory instruments that produce a ±10-V analog signal, such as our general-purpose photodetectors and photoreceivers. With the available VIs, you’ll be able to see a strip chart or plot of your time-varying signal. In addition, you’ll be able to perform Fourier transforms in real time. The photoreceiver gain and responsivity values are stored in lookup tables within the software so you can easily convert measured voltages to optical powers. There is also an available VI made especially for position measurements using our position-sensitive detectors and our quadrant-cell photoreceivers. And, by using these VIs as a base, you’ll quickly be able to customize your computer system to suit your data analysis.

Compatible with E Series DAQ Cards

These cables are compatible with E Series DAQ cards from National Instruments. The E series cards deliver accurate, reliable measurements for PCI (desktop computers), USB (laptop computers), PXI (benchtop systems) and FireWire (network) buses. Choose the 1200-2 for a two BNC connector pigtail, the 1200-4 for a four BNC connector pigtail, or the 1200-8 for an eight BNC connector pigtail. For SMA connections use the Model 1225 SMA-to-BNC adapter.

Example Application

To interface with the National Instruments PCI-6052E DAQ card (a 333-kSamples/sec, 16-bit, 16-analog-input, multifunction DAQ that fits in a computer’s PCI slot), choose the Model 1200-8 which will allow you to take advantage of eight of the inputs available on the NI PCI-6052E. Keep in mind that the Model 1200 cables are only wired to access the analog inputs of the DAQ device. The cable shell can be easily removed for those who wish to wire their own connections to the analog outputs or other I/O lines of the DAQ card.