Repeatable Low Thermal Resistance

Careful attention to the LDM-49800 mechanical design results in a low thermal resistance between the laser module and the mounting block. Torqueing the device to the recommended value provides constant and repeatable clamping pressure on the laser optimizing the thermal resistance between the laser module and the mounting plate.

Easy Connections for Quick Set-Up

The LDM-49800 is compatible with most ILX current sources including the LDX-36000 series high power laser diode drivers and the new LDX-32420 20A laser diode driver. Additionally the mounts are compatible with ILX temperature controllers. Standard interconnect cables interface with connectors for laser current, internal TE and case control on the mount.

Case Temperature Control

The LDM-49800 series case temperature control option is available on all LDM-49800 laser diode mounts. The case temperature control has an integrated high power TEC module to provide control of uncooled laser diode modules with a wide temperature control range of 15C to 85C. The high power TEC removes up to 60W of waste heat.

Compatible With ILX Lightwave Laser Diode Instrumentation

The LDM-49800 mounts are compatible with ILX Lightwave current sources and temperature controllers through interconnect cabling for quick setup in R&D or manufacturing environments.

LDM-49840 High Power Butterfly Mount

The LDM-49840 is designed to accommodate various 6-pin, 8-pin, and 14-pin packages. The unique clamping and spring-loaded circuit board arrangement accommodate butterfly modules with different pin heights thus preventing pin damage due to over bending. Terminal blocks accessible from the bottom side allow configuration of the 49840 for any butterfly module pinout.

LDM-49860 High Power 2-Pin Diode Module Mount

The LDM-49860 is designed to support various manufacturers’ high power 2-pin modules. The laser clamp provides alignment and excellent clamping pressure even when the 2-pin module does not include mounting flanges. The LDM-49860 is designed to fit 2-pin lasers from JDS Uniphase, Oclaro, Lumics, and EM4. Contact Newport Sales if you have any questions concerning fixturing your 2-pin laser diode package to the 49860.

Optical Table Mounting

Optical table positional mounting is made possible through imperial (25.4 mm) and metric (25 mm) spaced mounting holes on the base of the mount.