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Singlemode Fiber, Highly Photosensitive, FBGs, 780 nm, 125 µm Clad
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Singlemode Fiber, Highly Photosensitive, FBGs, 1310/1500 nm, 125 µm Clad
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Fiber Bragg Gratings

Photosensitive optical fibers provide significant advantages for high volume FBG production lines by dramatically reducing the production time per FBG..A Bragg Grating is a periodic modulation in the fiber’s index of refraction reflecting light with a wavelength of twice the grating period. The grating forms when the fiber is exposed to a periodic pattern of UV light, typically generated with a phase mask. Fiber lasers and DWDM add/drop filters utilize the ability of Bragg Gratings to reflect <99% of the light in a narrow wavelength band (~1 nm). Other uses of fiber gratings include laser diode frequency stabilization and fiber sensors that detect chemicals, mechanical strain, vibration, acceleration or temperature. Gratings may also be chirped to provide dispersion compensation or gain flattening.

Designed to Match Dual-wavelength Telecommunications Fiber

F-SBG-13/15 has been designed to match the MFD characteristics of typical, dual-wavelength, 1310nm and 1550nm telecommunications fiber, making it ideal for the fabrication of add-drop multiplexers or Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) Gain-Flattening Filters (GFFs).

Custom Patch Cables

Use Model Number F-PATCH-CUSTOM to configure a custom fiber-optic patch cord using these fibers. You can specify the fiber type, length, jacketing, and input and output connectors.

Pigtail 980nm EDFA Pump Diodes

F-PS980 has been designed to be used to pigtail 980nm EDFA pump diodes, enabling a wavelength-stabilizing (or ‘pump-locking’) grating to be written directly into the pigtail.

Intrinsically Photosensitive Boron Co-doped Core

The fiber core is boron co-doped and intrinsically photosensitive, without requiring hydrogen doping. The core size is well compatible with the telecom fibers. With this fibers, a 1 nm-wide, 47 dB deep 15 mm-long transmission grating can be written in these fibers within a few minutes by a pulsed Excimer Laser (10 Hz, 0.5 J/cm2, 248 nm).


  • FBGs
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Strain Sensors
  • Biomedical Sensors

Volume Discount

The following volume discount schedule is automatically applied when ordering continuous lengths of bare optical fiber ≥10 m:

  • 10 - 49 m: 15%
  • 50 - 99 m: 22%
  • 100 - 499 m: 25%
  • ≥ 500 m: 28%

Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber only.