Accessory Compartment

The 80070 Accessory Compartment holds FT-IR sampling accessories at the proper optical height between the MIR 8035™ Scanner and Detector. Use it with any MIR 8035 Detector. The 80007 SiC Source, 80009 QTH Source or your own source is needed at the input of the Scanner, in order to complete the system.

IR Fibers and Fiber Coupling Accessories

To carry the modulated output from the MIR8035™ Scanner to a sample, or to carry sample radiation to the MIR8035™, we offer two fiber coupling accessories and various IR single core fibers. The 80040 Fiber Coupler has an SMA fiber connector and a collecting mirror; it accepts SMA terminated fibers. The 80033 is similar to the 80040 but has X-Y translation for precise coupling, and does not include the fiber termination. Choose between the 80041 SMA, 80042 ST and 8004311 mm Oriel ferrule, to complete the 80033 Fiber Coupling Accessory. We offer Chalcogenide and Polycrystalline Infrared Fibers in 250 to 900 µm core diameters, which transmit from 4 to 18 µm (2,500 - 550 cm-1).

The 80033 IR Fiber Coupler with the 80041 Fiber Adapter installed.

Collection Optics

We offer the off-axis parabolas that are part of our MIR8035 scanners and detectors, as stand alone collecting optics.