Multimodal Imaging

A series of Newport products have been developed by scientists in the MKS Technology and Applications Center (TAC) for use with ultrafast laser sources, such as the Spectra-Physics Mai Tai® and InSight® X3+™ and InSight® X3™ Dual lasers, aiding researchers that use various multimodal, multiphoton microscopy modalities.

The SF-TRU is engineered to temporally synchronize and spatially overlap the two output beams of dual-output laser sources, such as the Spectra-Physics InSight® X3+ and InSight® X3, facilitating a large variety of single- and dual-beam, multiphoton imaging and ultrafast spectroscopy techniques.

The Wavelength Extender and Wavelength Extension Unit are designed for Ti:Sapphire oscillators (Mai Tai), using a portion of the fundamental input to generate supercontinuum in photonic crystal fibers and the remainder of the fundamental is transmitted, with the broadband supercontinuum and/or fundamental available for multiphoton microscopy applications.

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