Vibration Control Technologies and Solutions

Leadership in Passive Damping Design

CSA Engineering is the recognized leader in the design of passively damped structures - having developed the analytical tools now used worldwide for passive damping design. And they can introduce damping augmentation at any stage in the design process. The Newport/CSA team has a proven record in designing and applying vibration control solutions for complicated structures and systems. We can apply passive or active damping — or isolation approaches — to minimize vibrations that reduce performance or limit the useful life of your system.

Finite Element Analysis

Capabilities include static, dynamic and thermal analysis. To enhance the fidelity of finite element models, we correlate models with test data.

Structural Design and Optimization

We apply proprietary algorithms to optimize structural designs. Weight and other performance factors are controlled by varying user-specified structural parameters, subject to constraints on stress, frequency, and the like.

Multi-Disciplinary Analysis

We can help in such complex areas as vibroacoustics, control/structure and optics/structure. We couple structural analysis with other disciplines, such as control system design, computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.


From on-site surveys to detailed boundary element analysis, we can analyze and solve your vibroacoustical problems. We can test at your facility, perform model correlation, and help you design quieter, higher-performance products.

Control Systems

We analyze, design, and integrate active systems for vibration and motion control. Our expertise ranges from advanced modeling techniques to custom control designs using digital signal processors.