Synchrotron Application Solutions

Accelerating Your Beam with Precision Motion

Newport provides solutions to meet the exact needs of various experiments in synchrotron applications, ranging from X-ray scattering, imaging and XAFS to surface, material and thin film diffraction, powder diffraction, crystallography, tomography, inspection and metrology. With a wide range of products including motorized linear, rotary, vertical stage and actuator, performance of multi-axis system is optimized to solve complex motion problems. The fully integrated multi-axis, turnkey custom systems are used by scientists to study the structure and properties of materials in a variety of diffraction-based applications.

Custom High Load Linear Actuator for Vacuum
6-axis system for diffraction studies
RVU500 High Load High Torque Rotation Stage with Hexapod
CMS-6-axis Sirius Gimbal
6-axis system for 150 kg load and 25 µm S.O.C.

Goniometer Design

Today, Newport has an installed base of over 30 diffractometers in labs and latest generation synchrotrons around the world. These solutions serve fundamental and applied research in areas such as life health sciences, physics and material sciences. With Newport's expertise in the design of advanced diffractometry solutions, goniometer systems are provided for up to 10-axis. Operated by advanced control electronics, the image acquisition and data process software give the users a versatile tool to run the diffractometry applications such as surface, interface, material, thin film and small molecule diffraction and crystallography.

CMS-10-Circle Diffractometer - Sirius
10-Circle Multi-purpose Diffractometer
6-Axis Sirius Gimbal
6-Circle Kappa Diffractometer
CMS-4-Cercle Diff
4-Circle Diffractometer Datasheet
3-Circle Powder Diffractometer Datasheet
Model Description Application
N6050 Cross K1 6-circle multi purpose kappa goniometers Multi-technique diffraction
N4050 4-circle vertical kappa Goniometer Crystallography, proteins
N3050 P1 3-circle goniometer Powder diffraction
N2020 2-circle goniometer Versatile, analyzer
N2020 Pol 3-circle goniometer Versatile, analyzer
N4050 CCD 4-circle turn-key vertical kappa diffractometer Crystallography, proteins
N2020 Mac 2-circle high resolution goniometer Powder diffraction
XPS-C8 XPS 8 axis motion controller/driver Tango and Epics driver
LB150 3, 4 and 5 axis high accuracy levelling base
IS4CCD Crystallography software package
Anti collision software for the N4050
Crystallography, etc

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