Semiconductor & LED Manufacturing Motion Solutions

Premier Supplier of Precision Motion in Semiconductor Industry

Newport motion control products are designed focusing on the real needs of semiconductor and LED market applications. With 50 years of experience in motion control and full line of products including linear, rotary, vertical stages, actuators and goniometers, Newport motion provide equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor industry with a cutting-edge tool capable of achieving the highest levels of precision and throughput for automated manufacturing and process control. Typical applications include wafer inspection, optical lithography, nano imprint lithography, memory repair, wafer bump inspection, wafer guide direct writing, reticle inspection and repair, PCB Patterning and more.

CMS-DynamYX Datum 450_A wo Background
Wafer Processing and Inspection with DynamYX Datum™
CMS-DynamYX Datum 450_Detail 1
Innovative Stage Architecture with Z-tip-tilt-theta
LED Inspection with XY-Theta Z Assembly


Application Models
Wafer Inspection, Reticle Inspection & Repair DynamYX, XML350, ZVR-PP
Optical Lithography, Nano Imprint Lithography SinguLYS, GTS150, Error Mapping, ILS200LM
PCB Paterning and Memory Repair HybrYX G5, IMS1000LM, IMS300V
Mask Writing, Wave Guide Direct Writing XMS100, VP-5ZA, FMS300CC
LED Scribing and Inspection RGV100BL, Custom IMS-LM, XML210
Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing LTA-HL, NPM140SG-D, XPS-DRVP1

Air Bearing Solutions - "Precision, Repeatability and Throughput"

Whether you select the DynamYX Datum™ with 5G acceleration and nanometer-level accuracy, the evolutionary HybrYX© air and mechanical bearing "hybrid" stage or the newly released SinguLYS© with advanced features combined in a single axis solution, Newport has the knowledge and expertise to address the most demanding needs in semiconductor applications. The new DynamYX® DATUM™ 450 achieves performance never before possible, purpose engineered to address the semiconductor industry expansion to 450 mm wafer processing. Thanks to a low-profile monolithic stage architecture and advanced ceramic construction, the DATUM offers exceptional throughput and unmatched performance.

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