Industrial Laser Micromachining Solutions

Advanced Motion Control Design, Integration and Testing for Industrial Laser Micromachining

Laser processed materials go into numerous end markets from the automotive industry to medical device manufacturing. The applications need of the tools that make precision parts rely on technical information that encompasses lasers, optics and motion as well as process expertise. Our aim is to provide the competitive edge to our customers and tools built on Newport Motion.

Newport also understands that competitiveness comes from short lead time and price competitiveness. This is why standard product lead-times are targeted at 4 weeks. We are also designing in the key performance that matters most.

The goal is simple: tools built more easily, programmed more quickly and last longer with unparalleled performance.

MC-LMBrochure PG9-2
Ultrafast Micromachining
MC-LMBrochure PG9-1
MC-LMBrochure PG4-1
MC-LMBrochure PG4-3
MC-LMBrochure PG3-4
MC-LMBrochure PG12-2
Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM)
MC-LMBrochure PG4-2
MC-LMBrochure PG3-3
Novel Microfabrication

Other Micromachining Images

MC-LMBrochure PG7-2
MC-LMBrochure PG12-3
MC-LMBrochure PG7-1
MC-LMBrochure PG3-3
MC-LMBrochure Cover-3
MC-LMBrochure PG12-4
MC-LMBrochure PG8-1
MC-LMBrochure PG8-3
MC-LMBrochure PG8-2
MC-LMBrochure Cover-6

For additional information or questions, contact our technical sales and applications engineers.