Custom Diffraction Gratings

Richardson Gratings Laboratory is the world leader in volume manufacturing of ruled and holographic gratings for industries as varied as semiconductor lithography, life science analytical instrumentation, astronomy, and environmental analysis.

Working in partnership with OEM instrument manufacturer's optical engineers and scientists we design customer-specified diffraction gratings to enable the spectral efficiency, wavelength dispersion, substrate material and size suited to your unique application. This team approach enables delivery of the best cost / performance / time-to-market value to each instrument manufacturer. We are eager to discuss your needs today.

Need a Custom Diffraction Grating?

We are pleased to discuss special and unusual applications that are not addressed by our standard and build to order products.


Call 585-248-4100 to speak directly to one of our Technical Sales Engineers or email us at to address your specific custom diffraction gratings requirements.

Diffraction Gratings Applications

We specialize in a range of applications where exacting spectral dispersion is critical to delivering your results.

  • Life science instrumentation to measure assays
  • Analytical instruments to measure fluids and samples
  • Semiconductor lasers and tunable light sources
  • Spectrometers for industrial analysis & scientific research
  • Astronomical telescopes
  • Pulse compression and fiber-optic telecommunications

Types of Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction Gratings Coatings

All reflection gratings shown in the build to order families are priced to include a standard aluminum (Al) reflection coating. Gratings can also be replicated in gold (Au), or overcoated with magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon dioxide (SiO2) or protected silver (Ag) to enhance reflectivity in certain spectral regions.

Coating Material Applications
Aluminum (Al) General purpose applications.
Gold (Au) Offers higher reflectivity in the infrared.
Protected Silver(Ag) Offers higher reflectivity in the visible and near infrared; silver is protected from tarnishing by a dielectric coating, which helps maintain reflection over time.
Aluminum with Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) Used to prevent oxidation of aluminum (Al) coatings, which helps maintain high reflectivity in the ultraviolet over time.
Aluminum with Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Used to prevent oxidation of aluminum (Al) coatings, which helps maintain high reflectivity in the visible and near-IR over time.

Custom Master Gratings

In some instances, none of the hundreds of master gratings we have in stock meet specifications, so a new master may be required. Newport is capable of producing custom-designed ruled and holographic master gratings. Our ruling engines and holographic recording chambers can produce master gratings to meet a wide range of specifications. Please contact us to discuss your application and diffraction grating specifications.

Custom Diffraction Grating Sizes and Substrate Materials

In the build to order gratings families, we have listed the substrate sizes and materials most frequently used, but you are not restricted to these sizes or materials. Gratings on special substrate sizes or materials are available upon request.

Custom Capabilities

  • Custom mastering capabilities
  • Replication for high-volume production
  • Hundreds of master gratings •Plane, concave and convex gratings
  • From 30 to 5880 grooves/mm
  • From 2 x 2 mm to 320 x 420 mm
  • Several reflective coatings available
  • Various substrate materials
  • Grating and system design
  • Four ruling engines
  • Holographic recording systems
  • Grating mounts and gratings masks
  • Zemax and PCGrate simulations/optimization

Product Consistency and Quality

  • Extensive optical metrology capabilities
  • Extensive use of SPC
  • Product certification and traceability
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001

Flexible and Secure Delivery

  • Kanban arrangements
  • Blanket orders
  • Two production and testing facilities for risk mitigation
  • Off-site storage of critical tooling
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