Custom Diffraction Gratings

Richardson Gratings is pleased to discuss special and unusual applications that are not addressed by our standard and build to order catalog items.

Custom Diffraction Grating Sizes and Substrate Materials

In the build to order gratings families, we have listed the substrate sizes and materials most frequently used, but you are not restricted to these sizes or materials. Gratings on special substrate sizes or materials are available upon request.

Custom Diffraction Grating Coatings

All reflection gratings shown in the build to order families are priced to include a standard aluminum (Al) reflection coating. Gratings can also be replicated in gold (Au), or overcoated with magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon dioxide (SiO2) or protected silver (Ag) to enhance reflectivity in certain spectral regions.

Custom Master Gratings

In some instances, none of the hundreds of master gratings we have in stock meet specifications, so a new master may be required. Newport is capable of producing custom-designed ruled and holographic master gratings. Please contact us to discuss your application and specifications.

Catalog numbers for custom masters are given below:

  • 35-97-01 Master ruling fee for ruled masters, plano or concave, other than echelles
  • 35-97-02 Master ruling fee for ruled echelle masters
  • 35-97-03 Master recording fee for plano holographic masters
  • 35-97-04 Master recording fee for concave holographic masters
  • 35-97-99 Master fee (other)

Our ruling engines and holographic recording chambers can produce master gratings to meet a wide range of specifications. If you do not see a grating in this catalog that meets your requirements, please contact us to discuss a custom master grating.

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