QTH Lamp Spectral Irradiance Data

Spectral irradiance data is shown below for our QTH lamps. You can click on the curve for a larger image, or on a model number for complete information on a specific QTH lamp. Spectral irradiance curves for other types of lamps can be found on the right. View Information on Spectral Irradiance Data and Using Spectral Irradiance Curves for complete information on how the data was obtained and how to use it.

Models 6332 and 6337 (10 to 50 W)
Model 6333 (100 W) and Model 6334NS (250 W)
Model 6316 (600 W) and Model 6317 (1000 W)
Model 6315 1000 W FEL Type Quartz Tungsten Halogen Lamp