Newport ESP Technology

ESP Auto-configuration: Newport's Exclusive "Plug-and-Play" Compatibility for Easy Setup

Newport motion controllers automatically configure ESP-compatible stages delivering true Plug-and-Play for a quick and safe start to positioning applications. Newport's ESP (Enhanced System Performance) technology automactially integrates the entire motion system: stage, driver card and controller by building intelligence into the stage. Intelligence in the form of an EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory).

ESP Compatible

The EEPROM, found in Newport stages, are programed with stage specific, operation parameters including electrical characteristics, motor type, encoder type, lead screw pitch and calibration constants. The controller recognizes the stage and its motor via the EEPROM and configures the driver card's micro-processor to drive the stage. The driver card is capable of driving various motor types therefore the driver card is reconfigured each time a connection to a stage is established, eliminating the possibility of a mismatch or damage.

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