Metrology and Acceptance Test Procedure

Newport's Motion Control Metrology

For 50 years, the Newport Resource has been the reference standard used by researchers, scientists and engineers to advance their technologies, discoveries and products. In today's world of shrinking feature sizes, nanometer-scale devices as well as higher accuracy and resolution requirements, it is critical to use the highest quality components available. This is why Newport provides testing and test data for on-axis accuracy, repeatability and trajectory errors (e.g. Pitch and Yaw for linear stages and Wobble and Eccentricity for rotation stages) with every XM, GTS, IMS, IDL, ILS, MTN, UTS, MFA, VP, RGV, RV, URS, PR/SR, LTA and TRA motion product.

Newport's Guaranteed Specification

All Newport motion products have always been held for release until the production specifications could be guaranteed. The guaranteed specifications are the worse-case values that users can expect for this particular product, tested per Newport A167 Metrology Test Procedure. Any motion products that exceeds these guaranteed specifications is either re-worked until it meets them or scrapped if there is no possibility of meeting the specifications.

For more detailed information, please check our Motion Control Metrology Primer.

5 Levels of Metrology on Custom Motion Systems

Depending on your need, the Newport technical team can propose 5 distinct and complimentary levels of metrology with your custom motion solution. We will provide calibration data for our advanced products clearly stating our guaranteed specifications. At Newport we want to make sure that we deliver on our promises and that your purchase will perform exactly as you expect it

In case of an Assembly, we will demonstrate system performance. This performance can be demonstrated using two complementary methods. The first one is called Global Accuracy measurement and it consists of metrology performed on a combination of multiple linear and rotation axes that can be measured as a group. Some limitation exist with this method due to metrology systems availability and we complement it using a secondary method that consist of a theoretical error analysis for stack up of tolerances for the remaining axis that could not physically be measured as part of combined grouping. The use of both methods has demonstrated in our extensive systems experience to be an excellent gage of the quality of the performance of the completed system.

CMS-Metrology_calibration XY
XY calibration using interferometer
Multi-axis SOC using autocollimator

For very demanding applications we can also perform dynamic performance verification as well as single or multi axis error mapping. We will work with you to put in place a metrology plan that is tailored to your needs and will ensure that it is representative of your application. We can use simulated loads, measure performance at the point of interest. All this performed on assembled sub-systems, following your system's motion characteristics.

Metrology Tools

  • Interferometers
  • Modal tests systems
  • Environmental chambers
  • Very high precision encoders
  • Temperature controlled metrology room
  • Real time acquisition
  • Vibration isolated platform

Additional Customer Services

  • On-site installation
  • Metrology services at factory
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Training
  • After sales services
  • Documentation

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