LEDs Drive the Latest Innovation in Solar Simulator Technology

LEDs are changing our world. They run cooler, illuminate almost instantaneously, last up to 10,000 hours, use less power, eliminate toxic chemicals... the list of benefits goes on. Individual LEDs in research instruments, with their unique spectral output, can be combined to give researchers broad spectrum light or customized spectral output. Oriel's VeraSol-2 uses unique independently controlled LED technology to give unparalleled flexibility in a Solar Simulator.

  • Better Control – Full control of spectrum and irradiance.
  • Instant On – No waiting for up to an hour for output stabilization.
  • More Efficient – Less waste heat produced and energy required.
  • Safer – Cooler surfaces and no high voltage requirements.
  • Less Toxic – No Mercury.
  • Less Maintenance – No need to replace lamps.

Oriel’s new VeraSol-2 LED Solar Simulator

We are proud to introduce the first in a series of innovative solar simulator designs utilizing LED illumination. Our unique design integrates multiple, independently controlled, LEDs of different wavelengths to achieve the highest Class AAA certification for Spectral Match, Uniformity of Irradiance, and Temporal Stability. The VeraSol-2 LED Solar Simulator offers over 10,000 hours of LED lifetime and can achieve stable operating power within 100 ms. It allows you to variably control the output from 0 to 1 sun as well as independently control each LED to create custom spectrums. The high energy efficiency allows our LED solar simulators to run much cooler saving you money on electricity and air conditioning costs. This all adds up to a solar simulator with more features and lower total cost of ownership.

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