Laser Line Antireflection V-Coatings

Newport laser line V-coatings significantly increase transmission in laser systems with multiple optical elements. Through careful optimization, these durable, thin films reduce surface losses to typically less than 0.2%. Valuable laser energy is efficiently transmitted through complex optical systems rather than being lost to surface reflection and scatter. This superior performance, however, is achieved at the cost of reduced wavelength range. These coatings are available with many of the major laser lines. AR.33 for 1064 nm is available from stock on most Newport lenses. All other V-coatings can be coated on a semi-custom basis.


Substrate Material For N-BK7 and fused silica
Durability MIL-C-675C, moderate abrasion
Cleaning Non-abrasive method, acetone or isopropyl alcohol on lens tissue recommended
Damage Threshold AR.27, 2000 W/cm2, 3 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses @ 532 nm, typical 
AR.28, 2000 W/cm2, 3 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses @ 632.8 nm, typical
AR.33, 2000 W/cm2, 12 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses @ 1064 nm, typical
Center Wavelength
Reflectivity per Surface Angle of Incidence Coating Code Raw Data
532 Rmax <0.25% 0-15° AR.27* AR27.xlsx
632.8 Rmax <0.25% 0-15° AR.28* AR28.xlsx
1064 Rmax <0.25% 0-15° AR.33 AR33.xlsx

* Available on a lot charge basis