Custom Bandpass Filter Capability

Bandpass filters have a specifically defined region of transmittance, bounded on both sides by specifically defined regions of spectral rejection. They allow the isolation of a band of wavelengths from the total spectrum without the use of dispersing elements such as prisms or gratings, while at the same time, enabling higher energy throughput and greater out-of-band rejection.

MKS's Corion thin film coating business has been supplying optical filters and coatings for more than 35 years. During that time, the filters & coating product line has grown from a seven person operation with three thin-film deposition systems focused solely upon soft-film deposition to nearly 100 people with 25 thin-film deposition systems, performing thin-film deposition using many different coating technologies.


We manufacture a wide variety of custom Bandpass Filters based upon thin-film coating technology. The custom nature of these products allows an infinite number of product solutions developed from our set of basic capabilities.

  • Spectral range: 200nm to 16µm
  • UV bandwidth range: 5nm to 100nm
  • VIS/NIR bandwidth range: 0.05nm to 150nm
  • Far IR bandwidth range: 40nm to 4µm
  • Blocking : Si Det., PMT, CCD, PbS, InSb
  • Sizes: 1mm to 300mm
  • Photometric or Imaging
  • Minimized autofluorescence
  • Single element or Composite
  • Five available coating technologies
  • Multiple assembly options

Markets / Applications

Our custom bandpass filters are the enabling optical technology in instruments ranging from DNA Analyzers to Paint Color Matching Systems. We collaborate with OEM instrument design engineers to define filters & coatings that will deliver optimum performance in their application. Below are just a few of the many applications where Newport's filters and coatings are the preferred choice:

  • Clinical Chemistry Systems
  • DNA Analysis Systems
  • Rangefinders
  • Paint Color Matching Systems
  • Thermal Imaging Systems
  • Confocal Microscopy Systems
  • Flow Cytometers
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Moisture Measurement Systems
  • Astronomical Telescopes

Manufacturing / Inspection

We process orders for quantities as large as one million and as small as one and we maintain one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the process. We have coating chambers that coat 1 - 6” square plate at a time and chambers that coat 16 - 6” squares at a time. To insure that our products perform to the high standards required by today’s sophisticated technologies, we maintain inspection capabilities that allow us to perform high precision spectral measurements from 200nm to 30µm, as well as measurements of physical, optical and environmental parameters ranging from humidity resistance to transmitted wavefront error.