Vertical Positioner Selection Guide

Newport offers a wide selection of manually operated vertical positioning stages. Types of Vertical Positioners products include vertical lift stages, vertical translation stages and lab-jacks. These vertical positioners compromise only a part of a modular system of products that can be combined to provide virtually any required motion or adjustment.


Stainless Steel: Stainless-steel stages are heavier with a lower thermal expansion delivering better long-term stability and higher precision.

Aluminum: Aluminum stages are lighter and designed for reconfigurability.

Selecting a Vertical Positioner

Series Type Axes of Travel Typical Travel Ranges Base Material Bearing Type Special Features
9065-Z Triple-Divide™ Rail Mount Linear Stages Standard Performance z 14 mm Aluminum Ball Bearing Compact, rail mount
462-Z-M ULTRAlign Crossed-Roller Bearing Stages High Performance z 13 or 25 mm Stainless Steel Crossed Roller High stiffness and stability
DS65-Z Industrial Dovetail Vertical Stages Standard Performance z 3, 5, or 14 mm Aluminum Dovetail Compact
06-040RE-S Precision Vertical Travel Stages High Performance z 8, 13, or 20 mm Alloy Steel Ball Bearing High-resolution vertical stage
03-271-S High Load Lab Jacks High Performance z 44 or 76 mm Aluminum Hinged High parallelism and load
03-345-S Compact, Fast Travel Lab Jacks Standard Performance z 42, 70, 105 mm Alloy Steel Hinged Long vertical travel, compact
OM-ecn_80-S Rotating Column Vertical Positioners Standard Performance z 50 or 80 mm Aluminum Threaded Rotary top, high stability
14128_14127 Optical Post Jacks Standard Performance z 3.2 mm Aluminum Threaded Compact
14128_14127 Knob Adjust Variable Height Platforms Standard Performance z 50.8 mm Aluminum Threaded Compact