Ultraviolet Optics Selection Guide

Selecting the proper optic for an ultraviolet application is very important to the success of your set up. Because of the shorter wavelengths, any pits, flaws or coating impurities on the optical surface may form a concentration of optical power creating a hot spot on the optic. Depending on your application and how far you are into the Ultraviolet wavelengths, quality, cleanliness, and special packaging requirements are key considerations.

Proper manufacturing techniques and keen attention to cleanliness are required to make the best UV optics possible. If improper grinding or polishing techniques are used, there is a potential for the substrate to have higher microroughness and possible micro-fractures. The visual inspection of the substrate surfaces may look good, but when UV coatings are applied, a typical outcome is grazing or micro-fractures in the coating. Typically the blame is put on the quality of the coating but in actuality, substrate preparation is critical for good coating adherence. We, at Newport, have extensive experience in the proper manufacturing, cleanliness, coating technology, packaging and proper handling of UV optics. Look to us for solutions to your UV optics needs.

Ultraviolet Wavelength Categories

Depending on your operating wavelength, the photonics industry will classify that wavelength range into the following:

Wavelength Range Category Acronym
10 - 124 nm Extreme UV EUV
193 nm Deep UV DUV
100-190 nm Vacuum UV VUV
193 -395 nm Ultra-Violet UV
DUV Wavelengths Category
248 nm KrF Excimer
193 nm ArF Excimer

Newport Ultraviolet Optic Products Showcase

Series Typical Performance Diameter (mm) Surface Notes
OP-uvubeam-S UV Beam Viewer Glows white green when exposed to UV light 66.0 Commercial Polish, Flat Cleanroom Compatible
OP-bb_beam_samp-S-1 UV Broadband Beam Samplers Uncoated Front Surface Fresnel Reflector 25.4 & 50.8 Flatness of λ/10 Back Side AR Coating 255-440nm
10BPF10-214 UV Bandpass Filters Center Wavelengths from 206 to 400 nm 25.4 Flat Superior lifetime in harsh environmental conditions

Ultraviolet Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Waveplates and Polarizers

Series Performance Diameter/Size (mm) Shape Key Feature
OP-excimermirrors-S High-Energy Excimer Laser Mirrors High Damage Threshold 25.4, 38.1, 50.8 Round Flat R>99% at 45°, 248, 308, 355 nm
UVBS14-1 UV Plate Beamsplitters Various beamsplitter ratios 25.4, 50.8 Square or Round Flat 250-450 nm
OP-uvpolcube-S-2 Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters Tp/Ts > 100:1, Tp >90%, Rs >99% 12.7, 25.4 Cube 248, 266, 308, 355 nm
OP-uvnonpolcube-S-2 UV Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters 50 ±3%, independent of polarization 25.4 Cube 355 nm
OP-hienpolcube-S High Energy ND:Yag Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters High Damage Threshold 12.7, 25.4 Cube Optically contacted, no cement
OP-hi_en_50-50-S High-Energy Nd:YAG Laser 50/50 Beamsplitters High Damage Threshold 25.4, 50.8 Round Flat 266, 355 nm