Optical Fiber Tools & Accessories Selection Guide

Newport is a leading supplier of Optical Fiber Tools and Accessories as a companion to our fiber optics and components products. Products include fiber optic termination tools such as coating strippers, jacket strippers, and Kevlar cutters. As a convenient solution to heavy duty fiber preparation and termination, we also offer a Fiber Termination Kit. Also available are fiber scribes, manual fiber optic cleavers, and electronic cleavers, various fiber cable adapters, and bare fiber adapters.

Selecting an Optical Fiber Tool or Fiber Optic Accessory

See Optical Fiber Tools and Accessories to shop or browse all standard models, or select a product series below for more information.

  Optical Fiber Tools Features
17-146-S Fiber Optic Strippers
  • Removes fiber buffer mechanically
  • Accurate to within 12.7 µm
  • No adjustments necessary
  • Color-coded handles for easy identification of minimum cutting diameter
17-148-S Kevlar® Shears
  • Efficient solution for trimming Kevlar strength members
  • Hot-forged, high carbon steel
  • Non-slip serrated blades
17-159-S Fiber Optic Scribes
  • Low cost fiber cleaving tool
  • Cleave is obtained by the scribe-and-pull method
  • Model with pen-like protective housing
17-149-S Fiber Preparation Kit
  • Leather storage case
  • Variety of tools required to prepare or handle a fiber
17-064-S Manual Fiber Cleavers
  • Repeatable high quality cleaves
  • Both 0 and 8 degree angle optical fiber cleaver types
08-036-S Electronic Fiber Cleavers
  • Electronically tuned ultrasonic blade
  • Unique low torsion fiber clamping
  • Laboratory precise, field rugged
  • 20,000 cleave lifetime
  • Axial tension adjusts for fiber diameter
  Optical Fiber Adaptors Features
17-045-S Bare Fiber Adapters
  • Quick and easy temporary connections of optical fibers
  • Kink and diffusion free operation
  • Repeatable measurements
PH-Bare Fiber Adapter-S Bare Fiber Test Adapters
  • Accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber
  • Requires only 3/4” of bare fiber exposed
  • No messy gel applicators or reservoirs to fill
17-112-S Fiber Optic Mating Adapter Sleeves
  • Connect two connectorized fibers together with low loss
  • Female fiber connector on each end
  • Like terminator styles as well as hybrid
  Optical Fiber Splice Tools Features
17-213-S Fiber Optic Splice
  • High-performance, reusable mechanical splices
  • Low-loss splicing of single-mode or multimode fibers
  • Included splice key allows the user to lock the fibers
OP-f_imf_105-S Index-Matching Fluid
  • Virtually eliminate reflection losses
  • Can be removed simply with acetone
  • Available in 6 cc syringes
OP-f_uve_61-S UV Curable Epoxy
  • Curable with 100 mW UV mercury spot lamp
  • Fast curing
  • Great for bonding optical components and fiber optics
  Optical Fiber Accessories Features
17-202-S Universal Cable Clamp
  • Convenient, general-purpose device
  • Securely holds fiber cables and provides strain relief
17-197-S Mode Scrambler
  • Repeatedly provides an equilibrium mode distribution
  • Simulates kilometer lengths of fiber
  • Negligible insertion loss
  • Optimized for 50 and 100 µm core, graded-index fibers
  Fiber Bundle Adaptors Features
BPT-pg8-24b Ferrules for Oriel Fiber Bundles
  • Convert SMA and ST terminations to standard Oriel 11 mm bundles
  • Replace lost ferrules for Oriel Fiber Bundles