Optical Detector Selection Guide for Lasers

This selection guide is designed to aid in choosing the most appropriate optical sensor for measuring the power levels of your laser. The choices listed include the best optical detector(s) for each specific laser based on performance and price. All laser sensors listed are compatible with power meter models 1919-R and 841-PE-USB. Please note however, this guide does not necessarily show all possible compatible products.

Contact us for technical assistance in selecting the right laser sensor and/or power meter for your specific application needs.

Spectra-Physics Ultrafast Oscillators

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Insight DeepSee 919P-010-16
Insight X3 919P-010-16
Mai Tai SP 919P-010-16
Mai Tai DeepSee 919P-010-16
Mai Tai 919P-010-16
Tsunami 919P-010-16
HighQ-2 919P-010-16
femtoTrain 919P-010-16

Spectra-Physics Ultrafast Amplifiers

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Spitfire Ace 919P-050-18HP
Spitfire Ace PA 919P-050-18HP
Unison 919P-050-18HP
Solstice 919P-050-18HP
Spirit 919P-20-12
Spirit HE 919P-10-16

Spectra-Physics Pump Lasers

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Millennia 919P-020-12
Empower 919P-050-18HP
Quanta-Ray* 919P-050-18HP
Vanguard 919P-020-12
Excelsior 918D-UV-OD3R or

*Attenuation of the energy to ~400mJ/pulse or expansion of the beam is required to avoid the damage to the detector.

Spectra-Physics Wavelength Converters

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Inspire OPO 919P-020-12
Inspire IR OPO 919P-020-12
Inspire Blue 919P-020-12
Spirit-NOPA 919P-020-12
Spirit-OPA 919P-020-12
Topas Prime 919P-020-12

Spectra-Physics Q-Switched Lasers

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Quasar 919P-050-26
(With maximum 2 minutes of exposure)
Pulseo 919P-020-12
Talon 919P-020-12
HIPPO 919P-020-12
IceFyre 919P-150-26
Tristar 919P-020-12
Mosaic 919P-020-12
Navigator 919P-020-12 with beam expanded to > 1 mm
Explorer 919P-020-12 with beam expanded to > 1 mm
Explorer One HP 919P-030-18

CW Tunable Lasers

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
Matisse 919P-020-12
3900S 919P-020-12
Ascend 919P-150-26
TLB-6600 Venturi 918D-IR-OD3R
TLM-8700 918D-IR-OD3R
TLB-6700 Velocity 918D-SL-OD3R or
TLB-7100 Vantage 918D-SL-OD3R
TLB-6900 Vortex 918D-SL-OD3R or
TLB-6800 Vortex 918D-SL-OD3R
TA-7600 VAMP 919P-020-12
SWL-7500 918D-SL-OD3R

High Energy Pulsed Tunable Lasers

Laser Recommended Laser Sensor
basiScan 919P-020-12
versaScan 919P-020-12
Vgen-G 919P-030-18
permiScan 919P-020-12
primoScan 919P-020-12
primoScan OPO 919P-050-18HP
uvScan 919P-020-12 or
Cobra 919P-020-12 or
precisionScan 919P-020-12 or
Credo 919P-020-12 or