The effects of human operation limit the precision of many optical adjustments. In theory, it is possible to achieve adequate adjustment sensitivity with very fine mechanics. However, in practice, the lateral forces applied to a component during an adjustment often have an excessive effect, making alignments lengthy and frustrating. Also, many optical experiments are extremely sensitive to environmental factors and provide consistent results only when well shielded against external influences.

Our nanopositioners are ideal devices for providing exceptional nanometer scale remote control for manual positioning stages and opto-mechanical components over large distances, hard-to- reach spaces and hazardous hands-off applications. Our exclusive design and our innovative piezo based technology allows a range of motion and stability that ensures nanometer scale of motion with minimal to no backlash.

The short list of applications of our nanopositioner solutions include metrology, remote and automated beam steering, micropositioning, microscopy, wafer inspection, telecom components alignment, flow cytometry, and many more.

Most of our nanopositioning solutions are compatible with an array of Newport and New Focus products including: Gothic-Arch-Bearing stages, Ultima™ series optical mounts, GON series goniometers, and ULTRAlign™ series of linear stages. Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum versions may also be available in some of our nanopositioning product families as well as closed loop option ideal for applications requiring closed loop feedback and position calibration.

Newport also supplies corresponding controller / driver from single to multi axis units, from hand-held to full PC control. We utilize Newport exclusive plug-and-play controller technology that minimizes setup time and provides great ease of use.

Nanopositioner Product Families

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