Motorized Optical Mount Selection Guide


Newport offers a large selection of Motorized Optical Mounts to fulfill virtually any research or laboratory need. With the addition of New Focus, we have added the complete line of world class Picomotor driven optical mounts. Motorized optical mounts are great for automating sensitive lab or production optical systems, as well as making adjustments in tight spaces where manual adjustment is not possible.

Motorizing a Manual Optical Mount

Many of our standard mirror and optical mounts can be converted to motorized by adding our linear actuators. For a list of the options please view our linear actuator to Mirror Mount Compatibility guide. For custom OEM or special applications, contact us to speak with our sales and application engineers.

See Motorized Optical Mounts to browse all standard models, or select a product series below for more information.

Series Optic Diameter
[in. (mm)]
Angular Range
8742 w one 8821 and 8821-L Picomotor™ Mount with Controller Kits 1.0 (25.4) ±3 0.7 µrad
8807-8809-8853 Picomotor™ Series Motorized Optical Mounts 0.5 (12.7) to 2.0 (50.8) ±4 0.7 µrad
U200-U400 Ultima Pico Family Large Aperture Picomotor™ Optical Mounts 2.0 (50.8) to 4.0 (101.6) ±5 0.7 µrad
products_DSC_4766 Stability™ Series Piezomotor Optical Mounts 1.0 (25.4) ±4 0.7 µrad
DSC_3355_thumb_Eliz Pint-Sized Series Picomotor Optical Mounts 0.5 (12.7) to 1.0 (25.4) ±4 1.5 µrad
8892 Motorized Flipper Optical Mounts 1.0 (25.4) to 2.0 (50.8) ±2 87 to 183 µrad (resolution/5° turn)
OM-AG-M050N & AG-M100N Agilis™ Series Piezo Motor Driven Optical Mounts 0.5 (12.7) to 1.0 (25.4) ±2 1 to 2 µrad
MC-PSM2SG PSM2 Ultrafast Piezo Steering Mirror Up to 1.0 (25.4) ±0.115 X, Y 0.004 µrad
Z 0.03 nm
MC-NPO100SG wo lens NPO Series Objective NanoFocusing Stages Standard Objective Thread 100 to 250 µm (linear) 0.3 to 0.5 nm (open loop)
GuideStar II Mounts GuideStar II Laser Beam Steering Correction System 1.0 (25.4) ±3 <1 µrad
MC-CONEX-AG-M100D CONEX Compact Bidirectional Absolute Positioning Mirror Mount 1.0 (25.4) ±0.75
OP-fsm-300_320_front-S FSM Series Fast Steering Mirrors 1.0 (25.4) ±1.5 ≤1 µrad