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With the increasing complexity of optical setups, the need for remote diagnostics and control of repetitive tasks increases. Scientists and engineers recognize the benefits of PC control of critical alignments, yet are often afraid of the effort, magnitude and cost typically associated with the implementation of a computer controlled solution. Newport’s new Conex™ products addresses these concerns. Conex provides highly functional control solutions that are easy to use, compact, and in-expensive. Available today are: The CONEX-CC DC servo motor controller/driver, CONEX-AGP piezo motor closed-loop controller/driver, the CONEX-PSD9 position sensing detector, and the CONEX-IOD I/O module. Additional modules will be added soon.

Simple USB Connectivity

All Conex modules provide easy, plug-and-play, USB PC control. Multiple units can be connected to a single USB port using standard USB hub technology. Where possible, modules are also powered through the USB port. Except for the CONEX-CC, no additional power supplies or cables are needed, significantly simplifying cable management and reduces accessory costs. All Conex modules are 3.67" x 2.09" x 0.91" (93 x 53 x 23 mm) only. M3 inserts are provided on three sides for flexibility in mounting. An optional adapter plate holds up to six Conex modules, which mounts directly on optical tables.

Simple Control Software

CONEX Modules include software for an intuitive GUI and are fully supported for software development with LabVIEW.

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