Selection Guide:
Aspherical Lenses

Lens Shape

Choosing the right lens shape is critical in order to minimize the optical aberrations. Multiple lenses can be used where one singlet can cancel the aberration caused by another. Generally, when working at or near infinite conjugate (collimated light on one end of the lens), a plano-convex/concave lens or achromatic doublet lens will work best. Browse all Aspheric Lenses, or select a product family below for more information. We also offer a wide variety of Lens Mounts.

Aspheric Lens Families Coating Types Diameters Lens Shape Clear Aperture
OP-aspherelens-S Aspheric Condenser Lenses MGF20BK7-S Various Aspheric ≥central 80% of diameter
OP-geltch_aspheric-S Molded Glass Aspheric Lenses A (400-600 nm)
B (600-1050 nm)
Various Aspheric Various
Precision-Aspheric-Lenses Precision Aspheric Lenses AR.10 (245-440 nm)
AR.14 (430-700 nm)
AR.16 (650-1000 nm)
15 to 50 mm Aspheric ≥central 90% of diameter
5720kit Compact Aspheric Lenses A (375-650 nm)
B (625-1050 nm)
C (1000-1600 nm)
Various Aspheric Various