Agilis Series Piezo Positioners Guide

Agilis™ Series Piezo Motor Positioners

Agilis™ is a series of miniaturized piezo positioners that allow convenient remote adjustment or computer automated control of optical setups and piezo based applications. Their small size and low cost optimizes their use especially for space confined setups and system integration. Agilis piezo positioners provide an impressive 50 nm adjustment sensitivity, about ten times finer than with classical manual adjustment screws. For repeatable or absolute positioning tasks, versions with an integrated direct read position sensors are available. Agilis piezo positioners are available as motorized optical mounts, piezo rotation stages (including goniometers) and linear stages. For vacuum or high-class clean room applications, Agilis piezo positioners can be prepared and tested up to 10-6 hPa (7.5*10-7 Torr) vacuum pressure.

Agilis with Direct Position Feedback

Now offering innovative integrated miniature encoder technologies for closed loop operation and direct position feedback. CONEX-Agilis piezo positioners are ideal for applications that require repeatable piezo positioning and position feedback. With CONEX-Agilis piezo stages and mounts, you can return to past alignments and positions quickly and easily and save positions for future calibrations. An integrated preconfigured CONEX Motion Controller, provides a compact and capable controller with a full-command set for easy automation.