Adjustment Screw and Nudger Selection Guide

Newport offers a full range of Adjustment Screws and Nudgers to meet various experimental requirements. Manual Actuator types include Vernier and Digital Micrometers, High-Resolution Differential Micrometers, High-Precision Adjustment Screws, Long-Travel Micrometers and Remote Control Cables.

Adjustment Screws and Nudgers

Adjustment Screws Travel
tinyscrw Tiny Adjustment Screws 2–28 0.7–0.9 None
03-617-S High-Precision Adjustment Screws 6–50 0.6–5 None
9311-9318 Thread-Matched Adjustment Screws 10-50 0.7–0.9 None
OM-BHC-S Precision Adjustment Screws 4–10 1.4 None
03-291-S Adjustment Screw Remote Control Cables N/A N/A N/A
OM-kin_stops_nidgers-S Low Profile Kinematic Stops and Nudgers