Scanning Michelson Interferometer with HeNe Calibration Laser

The WM-1210 utilizes a scanning Michelson interferometer that continuously determines the absolute wavelength of a laser source by comparing its interference fringe pattern with that of an internal Helium-Neon (HeNe) Laser standard. The built-in HeNe Laser automatically and reliably calibrates the WM-1210 for ultimate accuracy in your measurement.

700 to 1650 nm Measurement Range

The large wavelength measurement range of 700 to 1650 nm makes the WM-1210 Wavemeter a versatile tool for Telecom and near-infrared measurements. A 10-Hz update rate provides superior measurement response for time-sensitive measurements. For more complete measurements, the WM-1210 also provides relative power measurements of your input source. This adds extra flexibility for your application and provides you with the ultimate laser characterization tool.

Robust Design for Manufacturing Applications

Many test and measurement applications are located in manufacturing facilities. The WM-1210's robust design gives users peace of mind while working in these types of environments and our rack mount option allows for space-saving incorporation into existing systems.


  • Wavelength monitoring of devices including DFB Lasers, Tunable Lasers and VCSELs
  • Accurate wavelength calibration of tunable and swept laser sources
  • Accurate calibration of OSAs and other test equipment
  • Spectroscopy and other scientific wavelength characterization