Large Operating Frequency Range Coverage

We provide standard phase modulators with operating frequencies from DC up to 9.2 GHz.

Typical modulation depth of our resonant phase modulators plotted as a function of modulator frequency for three families of modulators.
Typical RF drive power as a function of modulation depth. Phase shifts of 1, 2, 3, and 4 radians are represented by the dark blue, magenta, green and cyan, respectively.

Resonant Designs Offer Very Low Drive Voltages

We offer both broadband modulators that can be used at a wide range of frequencies and resonant modulators that operate at a single frequency with much lower drive voltage requirements. The resonant modulators feature a resonant tank circuit to maximize power transfer from driver to crystal, thereby maximizing the voltage across the crystal, lowering required drive voltages by a factor of nearly 10. Each resonant phase modulator is built to the your exact specified frequency.

Mechanical Apertures for Easy Optical Alignment

The key to obtaining this pure phase modulation is good optical alignment of the beam to the crystal’s propagation axis and accurate orientation of the laser’s electric field with the crystal’s electro-optic axis. New Focus makes proper alignment easy, simply pass the beam through the mechanical apertures.