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Photodiode Burn-In System, APD, PD


The Signifer is our Signature

In Ancient Rome, the Signifer position was the emblem bearer of the military legions, a prestigious standing in the first rank, as a symbol of loyalty and strength in battle.  Similarly, the ILX Lightwave® PRS-9330 photodiode reliability and burn-in system stands as a symbol of quality and lifetime performance for your photodiode product series, pioneering your production and manufacturing qualification.  Our dedicated team of engineers have developed an innovative, reliable, and precise measurement system, with high accuracy dark current measurements and up to 180°C burn-in temperature control.

Count on the PRS-9330 Signifer series as your company's symbol of strength and reliability of your photodiode product lines.

Customized to Your Device

Whether your are looking to qualify standard PIN Photodiodes (PD), or Avalanche Photodiodes (APD), in either a TO-Can package, Chip-on-Carrier (CoC), or your proprietary diode arrangement, we can custom design the device mounting fixtures to match your requirements.  With built-in ESD safeguards in place, our test fixtures combine ease of loading while reducing device damage during the handling process.

Safe for the Photodiode and the Operator

  • Utilizes ILX Lightwave diode protections; minimizes operational transients and reduces transients from power line burst and surge
  • Programmable ramp on rate to reduce thermal shock
  • Built-in ESD safeguards for device protection
  • Fault monitoring

ReliaTest System Software

The ReliaTest graphical user interface supervisory software allows for multiple device types and test scenarios integrated into a comprehensive, intuitive interface.  With parameters such as individual zone temperature test points up to 180°C, customized burn-in dwell times, reverse biasing up to 60V for high breakdown voltage APDs, or performing dark current measurements on PIN photodiodes to the nA scale, these test parameters are easily configured without complicated programming steps.