Incorporated Frequency Source

The Model 3363-A contains a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) as the frequency source, which is available from 25 to 1000 MHz. The VCO source can be tuned over a limited range and the frequency can be set to track the resonance peak of the EOM. The Models 3363-B and 3363-C contain a high stability synthesized frequency source, available from 50 kHz to 2 GHz. The synthesized source is stabilized to a crystal oscillator for excellent long- and short-term stability. The output frequency is selected to match your EOM but it may also be adjusted over a limited range through the use of an external computer port.

Full Driver Feature Set

Other features include an RF-output enable switch to eliminate damage to the amplifier and/or EOM while connecting and disconnecting the output, an analog AM modulation input, a digital TTL enable input, and a TTL output disable. The Model 3363 is low noise and runs off line power. The Model 3363 ships with a 4-foot cable to connect to your modulator so you can get up and running quickly. When ordering the Model 3363 driver, please indicate the desired frequency of operation and the model number of the resonant modulator that the Model 3363 driver will be used to operate.

RF Power Monitor

A reflected RF power monitor provides a DC signal proportional to the voltage reflected back from the EOM. For the VCO-based option, this feature allows you to manually tune the frequency of the driver to the resonance of the modulator for maximum modulation efficiency or monitor the frequency locking circuit. For our fixed-frequency synthesizer option, it can also be used to fine-tune the resonance of our high-frequency EOMs using their integrated tuning slugs.

Syncs to External Frequency Sources

A front-panel toggle switch allows the user to select whether to use the internal frequency source or to use an external source.