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Post Collar 5 Pack, Nu™ Series Open Design, 0.5 in. Diameter Posts
Post Collar, 0.5 in. Diameter Optical Posts
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Post Collar 10 Pack, 0.5 in. Diameter Optical Posts
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Replacement & Re-alignment is Easier with Height Indexing

Optical post collars clamp to optical posts where they make contact with the optical post holder, to index the post height and secure during rotational adjustments. Indexing height permits removal and replacements of posts at a repeatable height, reducing their realignment demands to rotational adjustments. The open-ring design of these post collars allow their removal and replacements without having to remove the post from the post holder.

Insertable Design for Easy Installation or Removal

The unique open-ring design of these optical post collars allow their attachment or removal without disturbing the optical post at all or alignment of mounted components. These collars lock in place easily by hand around 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) diameter posts and are available in sets of five.